Webinar: "The EBRAINS Project: A Gateway to Collaborative Neuroscience" on February 12, 2024

Join the "The EBRAINS Project: A Gateway to Collaborative Neuroscience" webinar happening on February 12th from 2.30pm to 3.30pm (CET). Organized by CASTIEL2, this event showcases the transformative impact of initiatives like EBRAINS, a major player in neuroscience research since its inception as part of the EU-funded Human Brain Project in 2019.

With Prof. Petra Ritter,  explore EBRAINS' goals, milestones, and future plans, showcasing its integration of advanced technology with neuroscience for novel research. The session will highlight EBRAINS' dedication to open science, collaborative work, and ethical research principles, aligned with its European Open Science Cloud association membership. Additionally, it will present opportunities for National Competence Centers and European Centres of Excellence to utilize EBRAINS' resources for innovative research, while emphasizing responsible and ethical research practices.

Register for free and join a community committed to advancing brain research and innovation. For more details and registration, visit the official website.

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