4th European AI Alliance Assembly

Explore the latest developments in AI policy, the European AI Strategy, and international collaborations, and have the option to attend in person or virtually. Don't miss the chance to be part of this vital conversation shaping the future of AI in Europe and globally.

The European AI landscape is evolving, and key players are gathering to discuss its future. On November 16th and 17th, the 4th Assembly of the European AI Alliance, titled "Leading Trustworthy AI Globally" will take place at the Casa de América in Madrid, Spain. This significant event is organized by the Ministry of Economy and Digital Transformation of Spain, in partnership with the European Commission.

Shaping European AI Policy

Since 2019, the European AI Alliance Assembly has served as a pivotal event that brings together policymakers and stakeholders to contribute to shaping AI policy in Europe. This year's edition holds particular importance as it aligns with the European AI Strategy's implementation. The AI Act is progressing toward adoption, and the updated Coordinated Plan on AI has been actively implemented for two years.

Global AI Initiatives and Partnerships

Simultaneously, as prominent policy and legislative initiatives emerge on the international stage, the event provides a platform to discuss these global efforts. This includes the forthcoming Council of Europe Convention on AI, along with other vital bilateral and multilateral partnerships in which the European Union is actively involved.

Prof. Petra Ritter's Contribution

A notable highlight of this event is the participation of Prof. Petra Ritter. Prof. Ritter's insights and expertise in AI and healthcare will undoubtedly enrich the discussions and contribute to the dialogue on trustworthy AI.

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