TEF-Health Services

TEF-Health is a new digital innovation cluster that will speed up the value chain in the field Health of AI and Robotics by providing specific support to innovators, and SMEs. With the joint goal of accelerating and facilitation validation and certification of AI and robotics in medical devices, a network of leading academic and private partners in the field offers the following services:

  • Support to technology providers; Assessment of suitability of solutions to meet the needs of the sector;
  • Provision of physical and digital access to large resources;
  • Clinical expertise;
  • Expertise in AI, robotics, data, training; access to HPC;
  • Access to: Hospitals, Living labs, RTOs, Innovation ecosystems: 1) Incubators, (2) Innovation clusters, (3) Accelerators, (4) Public health or certification agencies, (5) Healthcare companies;
  • Consultation by medical and clinical professionals including researchers, patients, technology experts, integrators, industrial developers, innovators, end-users;
  • Regulatory sandboxes supervised by regulators where innovations can be tested in a controlled environment, e.g., regarding medical device regulation, health technology assessment;
  • Provision of technical expertise, secured technical/physical environment for supervised testing and experimentation;
  • Consultation on quality aspects such as accuracy, robustness, safety, security, conformity, performance expected by users such as efficiency, ease of use, integration in workflows, business case, compliance with legal and ethical requirements;
  • Facilitate compliance with upcoming regulatory framework for AI;
  • Support standardization activities.


TEF-Health cooperates with authorities, bodies, accredited pursuants, complies to relevant union harmonization legislation, collaborated with union testing facilities designated under regulation 2019/1010 and collaborates with EU national standardization organizations.



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