What is TEF ?

TEFs are specialised large-scale reference sites open to all technology providers across Europe to test and experiment at scale state-of-the art AI solutions, including both soft-and hardware products and services, e.g. robots, in real-world environments.

These large-scale reference testing and experimentation facilities will offer a combination of physical and virtual facilities, in which technology providers can get support to test their latest AI-based soft-/hardware technologies in real-world environments. This will include support for full integration, testing and experimentation of latest AI-based technologies to solve issues/improve solutions in a given application sector, including validation and demonstration.

Four TEFs projects started on January 1st 2023. They focus on the following high-impact sectors:

Healthcare: project TEF-Health

Agri-Food: project agrifoodTEF

Manufacturing: project AI-MATTERS

Smart Cities & Communities: project Citcom.AI

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